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Every new Member gets the chance for an initiation with the Shika 111!

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Bringing you into the Valley way to spa ? safer, smarter, savvier. For joining fee of only $12, Members enjoy the benefits immediately, starting with the Shika 111, a range of spa treatments and services at a very special price to be utilised within your first month of joining.

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In order to to serve you well, Blue Moon Valley is pleased to be working with the following Spa-ticipants. We strive to give Members the range and variety as desired, and we continue to review and invite more Spas to join. If there is any Spa you would like to have in our program, please let us know.

Check out our list of Spaticipants!
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Boutique Gyms

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Hair Removal / Waxing

If there's too much hair in places where it shouldn't be, then such unwanted hair (eg., on arms and legs) can be waxed and removed.

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Body Scrub and Mask

Body scrubs are a great way to keep the skin healthy and beautiful through exfoliation. Emerge a fresher, newer you, after a rejuvenating body scrub.

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